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Lauren Terry

Lauren Terry, owner of Lauren’s Cows, is relatively new to the art scene, having only been painting for 3 years. The discovery of her artistic flare was completely accidental. It all came about when Lauren decided that she wanted a painting of a Cow for her wall. When she couldn’t find one she liked, she thought she’d paint one herself. After completion, she took her debut piece to be framed.

The framer was so excited by her art that he convinced her to paint twenty more cows so he could host an exhibition of her work in her hometown of Scarborough, North Yorkshire. “Cows have such great personality and character and this is what I want to achieve most in my paintings. I love playing around with colour and composition but above all I want to capture that essence that put’s a smile on your face and brightens up a room” Says Lauren.

Since starting her endeavours as an artist Lauren has gathered a healthy following of fellow cow fanatics. Recently she has also embarked on a range of greetings cards which she hopes will be a big success.

“People are always trying to persuade me to paint other things like cats, convinced that I must be getting bored of painting the same old thing. I won’t be swayed. I love my cows, and as the old saying goes, ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’. I shall hopefully be building my herd for a long time to come.